Good news everyone! After many requests for a community management refresh, we have decided to totally revamp the course.

You can still find the first class below, but this time we’ll be covering online communities from inception to analytics. This will be free as always, but the format will be slightly different. The course will be built with Udemy, broken down into shorter segments so that it’s easier to stop, and of course take quizzes to ensure that you are retaining or paying attention.

There is no start date listed yet, but as the course is further developed we’ll provide updated information. If you have a specific topic you would like covered, please reach out and let us know.

Blogging 101 Recaps

Session 1 – Blogging 101: Choosing a topic, creating an editorial calendar, and finding a community

Online Communities 101 Recaps

Session 1 – Introduction to online communities

Session 2 – Navigating communities and Identifying tools

Session 3 – Community best practices and policy building

Session 4 – Insight from a Community Manager with reddit’s Erik Martin

Session 5 – Monitoring Your Community and Analytics

Session 6 - SSOCEM: A Model For Developing New Online Communities (Communication Theory)

Session 7 – How to motivate an online community